Green Community Actions 

We will try not to do quantity but quality here. That's the goal. We are open, you have an idea ? Let's go for it. We are happy if you need to use our platform or contacts. No worries. 


The idea is to help this island make "green" money, realize it huge economical potential so we can try to avoid its full SAMUISATION :) and why not maybe more. 


Number 1. Professional ECO WORKSHOP (reserved to professionals on Koh Phangan) - End of November 2015 : 


The first "action" is in fact a workshop !


We will invite for free (of course) all business owners on Koh Phangan : bar, restaurant, hotels, to discover all the items that are interesting for their businesses and sold on Koh Phangan, made on Koh Phangan, by people from Koh Phangan with ingredients of Koh Phangan only. We will give you the phone numbers and the prices. We don't take any commission and engage on that and on any of these products this is really not the spirit here we just want to share interesting tips and ideas which could be interesting for professionals and in the end if used for the our island. 


These items must be efficient, cheaper than the normal stuff, trully ecological, trully interesting for a business as well as really giving back to our island :


- organic professional meat (duck, pork),

- ecological and efficient cleaning supplies,

- local fruits and local producers,

- green cheap & effective technologies that can be implementd on existing resort and restaurant (i.e : Eco septic tank, solar panels, natural AC, ...),

- existing eco programs on Koh Phangan,

- eco and green companies for excursions,

- eco fertilizers, 

- eco soaps, 

Etc ....


Eden Seed is proudly sponsored and supported by : 


Somewhere Only We Know Resort, Koh Phangan, Thailand

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