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The huge business potential of Koh Phangan :


More and more ecological businesses are opening on Koh Phangan but the potential is big in terms of opportunities and clientele.


Indeed the island has been known globally for decades for its eco conscious side. More and more families and couples are arriving on Koh Phangan and create their own eco businesses.


The vast majority of the inhabitants of Koh Phangan are inclined to go to a eco-business to shop or visit they are there all year and you are not subject to ups and downs.


There is also an exponential number of tourists per year visiting the island and expecting to find eco-businesses too.


Our experts will be happy to give you the information to perform your market study and financial feasibility so you know how much you could get out of your idea.


Available techniques, affordable and reliable : 


New eco techniques have been developed on Koh Phangan, eco equipments and solutions are easily found and usually cheaper than the “regular equipments”.


Apart from the fact that there is real potential in terms of clientele, Eden Seed will be then glad to link your site and your coordinates to help your business to be more known and seen.


Limited Investment : 


The investments needed are usually very small and on this our team will be glad to help you and give you ideas of numbers and the costs are running very small.


Indeed, you do not need much to have a comfortable and happy life on Koh Phangan.


Therefore any business seriously organized and managed has all the chances to thrive.


Expertises and Assistance of Eden Seed : 


From the building design to the green technologies needed, the calculations of costs, precise calculation of the business plan, the marketing strategy, the construction or the renovation, the interior design, the lawyers, the builders, the architects, the 3D visualisation of your project, the 3D topography ... we have the experts you need !


Come and discover Koh Phangan probably the most ideal place on earth to make you eco conscious business ! 



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