“Be the change you wish you see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi


Eco-Businesses & Eco-Houses on Koh Phangan

1. Free advices  

Welcome to YOUR Paradise for eco-projects and houses !

We are real experts and professionals with providing to you free orientation advices locally or through our Hotline email's assistance for all people interested to come to Koh Phangan Thailand.

Yes its free !

Want to learn more ? 

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2. One stop shop

You will find all under one roof specialists in  : 

- Building Designer,

- Eco-technology Experts : solar energy, windmill, water collection, etc ...

- Architects,

Legal advices & lawyers, 

- Marketing expert,  

and much much more ...


Interested ? 

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3. Where ?         

Only on Koh Phangan, Thailand, the new green haven. Sorry just Koh Phangan.

Interested ? or just curious ? 

Feel free to contact us by email or even better schedule with a visit you will find free coffee and tea and if you really want free hugs and kisses in the pure Koh Phangan tradition.

Hippie ? no simply human. 

What is Koh Phangan ? 


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Make your real    Eco-Business !  

Existing business (hotel, restaurant) or want to create a new one ?


We can absolutely help you from

A to Z in order to make your idea and project a success without spending a fortune.


All experts you will need are under one roof ! 


My Eco house in      Paradise !         

A dream home in mind ? or buying an existing old one ? 


You will be very surprised how easy & affordable it can be ! Even for a 100% off grid.


Not only there is no impact on the environment but a positive one. Yes we are serious !




Our Eco-ideas         for you !             

You to come and have an enterprise on Koh Phangan ?  


But you do not have a precise idea nor a big budget ?


Our experts worked on a selection of potential eco-businesses : we provide for free the know how, the provisional balance sheet and the contacts.


You do the rest and should make way enough to live here happily.