About Eden Seed

The goal : Act.  And then speak about it. Not the contrary.


Indeed many of us are criticizing, speaking endlessly about what should be done by the governments to save our planet, we wish people and companies had more “common sense” but we think we have not any legitimacy to criticize or to speak about it before we apply these changes first to ourselves.


Makes sense ?


We are on the same page then and we can help.  


Interest already ? 


1. Make your Eco- Business : LINK

2. Make your Eco-House : LINK

3. No idea ? Choose from Eco-Businesses listing : LINK 


This simple idea is the core of Eden Seed :


First to apply it to ourselves and live a life we agree on which has common sense again, respectful of people and this planet, starting from our small island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. test it, fail and try harder until it works. From this effort came the idea and the project of Eden Seed. Experts arrived, eco projects emerged, a community, a network, successes, growing thriving businesses. It is serious and is not just idyllic for the sake of it.


OK, what is Eden Seed then ?


A welcome center on ground and a hotline on Internet destined only for people interested to create their ecological business of any sort or a ecological house willing possibly to live on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.  


You will find a free coffee, a huge hug if you need one, free sincere and unbiased advises from real experts with experience who actually live here for many years.


If you need, you will be able to learn more about the exciting possible projects on Koh Phangan, how is life, how a project can be viable, how much do you need to live, where to put the kids in school, etc …


Is there a cost ?


1. Orientation Advices : 


All our orientation advice are free. We will be able to give you real first advices with real useful information in any area of expertise of our experts. Our experts can come to our office or by email or skype and discuss with you. You will be able to know, how much roughly it would cost and if it is possible or not. You will normally have after that a good first idea and ready to start.


Indeed, reflecting our simple but yet effective way of living on Koh Phangan we will be actually glad to answer your questions on visas, taxes, law, real estate, projects, life on Koh Phangan, etc … yes we are professionals too and we know professional people who we like to this or that for you if you are interested but this is not the primary goal here as the sole and simple goal of this project is to bring and help as many open minded, friendly, serious new comers from around the world to make new great eco businesses and eco constructions with us on this amazing and not so remote island.


2. Professional assistance : 


After your received our orientation advices you are absolutely free to use the services of anyone else of course or use partially or in full the services of our experts you have their own independent firms. It is one stop shop. All professionals offer their services usually with good discounts up to 50% off. 


3. Green technology products : 


We are happy to hand you our contacts to purchase green technologies on your own and benefit from our Eden Seed discounted special prices with the providers. We take no commission on it all is transparent and this can be checked. Again no obligations you can do it on your own or we can of course coordinate the purchase or the installation or the after sale service or all of it. 


To sum up following the saying of Gandhi we are did the change we want to see in the world with ourselves already, now we want to help our street, then our island, …


More simply said : Welcome !


What is Koh Phangan then ?


Koh Phangan is an island in Thailand on the south east part of the country reachable from its sister island Koh Samui by plane and then 30 minutes of fast ferry to Koh Phangna. It is a small island in the gulf of Thailand. Long time known for its hippie parties and full moon parties driving tourists every month to this island, however it is behind this “décor” an island driven by its locals people both thais and foreigners, in love with this piece of land, with great traditions, with beautiful beaches and untouched jungle were the parties are in the end restricted to a small area and the perfect “barrier” to protect its inhabitants.


The island has been officially declared “organic island” by the King of Thailand in 1994, its gathers now 74 organic farmers and an increasing number of real eco projects. The national park covers nearly 67% of the whole area of the island. The community is more and driven towards ecology and the local government keen to develop cleverly this island while avoiding the mistakes of its other islands. The island has indeed a modern side but the development is slow and so far moderate.  


What makes Koh Phangan special or different ?


There is a real family feeling both with the thai and the foreigners living here. All real inhabitants are expected to help each others and do the first step as new comers to meet each others. It works and works well, giving a feeling of warmth, sincere friendship and safety.


Are there any downsides in Koh Phangan ?


Indeed, this island is not for everyone.


Clearly people who are simply only and solely interested to make Money are not well looked at in general. All people of Koh Phangan nurture the same word : Respect with a capital “R” meaning that people living on the island are expected to well behave, respect the difference of ages, races and sex and in general the variety of characters. If you are different you will fit in perfectly. The people here all come to make a better life, more respectful and more open to others.


People who do not fully understand these values should refrain to come to Koh Phangan as they will face the opposition of inhabitants and rapidly issues. This is probably the only downside of Koh Phangan which in the end are probably the best and most important assets of this island! At least inhabitants see this way and us too.


Of course common problems are found, people who party, drink too much, you may not find what you want at the first place, ... But this is common to all expatriation in any country in the world. 


Who are the experts ?


The experts are real inhabitants of Koh Phangan foreigners and thai nationals who give their time and who have interesting skills for the new comers : construction specialist, designer, lawyer, builder, eco solutions experts, permaculture farmers, jurists, marketing experts, etc …


How can I contact the Eden Seed center and how can I benefit from the free services of Eden Seed ?


Indeed, the aim of Eden Seed is solely restricted to promote the ecological side of Koh Phangan therefore as long as you are interested to know more about creating a eco business or building a eco house on Koh Phangan you are more than welcome and we will try the best at our level to help you out with our advices.


What can I expect from Eden Seed ?


You have an idea of eco business, or want to build you eco house here ?


We will tell you if you have potential competitors, give you a rough budget for your investment, tell you about the eco technologies we already available here and how much it costs, give you an idea on your potential return on investment, tell you about the visas requirements, the cost of life and roughly anything you need to know about on your side.


You don’t have idea and want to make a business or eco house ?


Do not worry we already worked on it, we have a nice list of pre-studied, tested ideas of businesses needed on this island with a small investment and giving in return well enough to potentially live here. We have also example of eco house designs and eco construction you can already visit.


Sorry but Eden Seed is NOT : …


We are happy to help and advice however we logically cannot ourselves work for you on your project or spend an unreasonable amount of emails or numerous hours for free with you, again it is common sense we are giving our free time and have also our businesses to run.


Following this same common sense, we will try to answer all questions. If you need we will be happy to recommend you people we personally trust, give you the direct coordinates and costs of eco materials if you are interested to purchase them directly too at the price we personally buy them.


We cannot and do not know how to finance projects, it is important to have before hand the necessary sums and we can help you to know if the amount you have is realistic or not.


In general if you are sincerely interested, have a bit of savings and are serious, your project will be a true success and you will be able to enjoy this island we love so much.


Ideas on costs :


As a rough idea you would need a minimum budget of : 


- 25.000 USD : To start a eco-business, 

- 90.000 USD : To have your own eco-house,

- 30.000 USD : For an eco refurbshing of an existing business (not including the rent).  


Usually with 1.200 USD you can make a very decent living on Koh Phangan for one or two persons and 2.000 USD for two persons and two kids, we are speaking at western standards without having to sacrifice yourself too much. But you can obviously live with less we have done it and it is fine and didn’t need much more.


House rental costs from 200 USD (for a small house with hot water, internet and fan) to 800 USD a month (already a comfortable villa with two bedrooms and AC).


A company creation costs around 2.400 USD (if you add up all the costs ... it comes around this region, incorporation, change of director, tax ID, shareholder’s agreements, …).


Monthly taxes and visa fees are usually in the region of 150 USD a month per person.


Health insurance costs around 160 USD a month for someone around 30 years old.


A big grocery shopping (markets only, organic and farmers) costs around 75 USD for two persons.


To buy a scooter/small motorbike on the island (cars are really not a good idea, nor necessary) costs around 650 USD.