My Ecological House in pure Paradise ! 

An Island made for a Eco-House in Paradise : 


The island has a vast variety of areas and zones very different from on to another. Prices of the land varies and usually the best solution is to rent long term a piece of land.


The rental of land in Thailand is usually very safe, registered at the government in your own name and protected.


Cutting trees is illegal in Thailand and the ownership of chainsaws normally strictly regulated.


Our experts will be happy to show the various techniques developed on the island, the costs and the coordinates of where to find the materials or the local architects and builders.


Because a eco house is first of all and above all (at least for us here) a house that is totally integrated in its landscape and which can be hardly seen from the sea our experts will be happy to give you hand on how to meet your requirements and desires while protecting our beautiful landscape. 


Our Assistance : 


1. Orientation Advices : 


As explained all our orientation advices are free. All experts are available to you by appointment on Koh Phangan, by email or by Skype. With these orientation advices you will be able to have a good idea of the prices, the feasibility, the costs of living, the prices of land, we can give you contacts if you need or anything you may want to know.


2. Optional Professional Assistance : 


If you desire and without absolutely no obligation you will find many experts under one roof who can coordinate together to make your house respecting your desires, your timeline and your budget. You can choose to work with one or none it is your choice they are just there for you. 


We have all experts you may need from : 

- building designers,

- architects,

- lawyers,

- green technology experts,

- green technology providers,

- builders,

- interior designers,

- house rental and management,

- interior designers, ...


3. Expatriation Assistance : 


You would like to live here ?


We can give you an idea of how it is to live on Koh Phangan what to do to have a great experience here. Where to put the kids at school, the laws on visas, covering all aspects of any future life on this island.


Our lawyers can assist you through the whole visa process.


Our personal assistance can also help you to move your belongings or find your first temporary home before your house is built. 


Need something else ? We have it just ask.